Inderst Advisory

Independent, balanced, international


  • Infrastructure investment
  • Green finance
  • Institutional asset allocation
  • Pensions governance


  • Georg Inderst joined the Working Group of the EU High Level Task Force on Social Infrastructure Investment (2017).
  • Georg Inderst successor to Fennell Betson as Chair of Judges of the IPE Awards (2017) and the IPE Real Estate Awards (2018).


New publications:

  • Infrastructure Investment, Private Finance, and Institutional Investors: Asia from a Global Perspective. In: Yoshino, N., Helble, M. and Abidhadjaev, U. (Eds), Financing Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific. Capturing Impacts and New Sources. Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018.
  • Asia's infrastructure cultures selected for Hillman, J.E. (Ed.), Is Asia Reconnecting? Essays on Asia's Infrastructure Contest. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)Washington, 2017.
  • UK Infrastructure Investment and Finance from a European and International PerspectiveJournal of Advanced Studies in Finance, Vol. VIII, Nr. 1(15), 2017.    
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