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Some interviews

John McKenna, Exit stage left. i3 - Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, Nov 2017.


Stephanie Schwartz-Driver and Rachel Fixsen. Consortiums: Safety in numbers? IPE Real Assets, Sep/Oct 2017.


Lynn Strongin Dodds. UK infrastructure: building a future outside the EU. portfolio institutional, Dec 2016.


John McKenna. Ensuring Europe's infrastructure. i3 - Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, Sep 2016.


Russell Handy. Brexit unlikely to deter long-term infrastructure. IPE Real Estate News, June 2016.


Tyson Freeman. Sovereign Interest. Real Asset Adviser, March 2015. pdf


Fundos de Pensão. Entrevista: Georg Inderst. As necessicades são imensas e os desafios ainda maiores. ABRAPP, Brazil. Ano XXXIII, No. 393, Julho/Agosto 2014. pdf


Reg Clodfelter, Defining contributions. i3 - Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, March 2014.


Michael Pomerleau. Pension and insurance funds may well look to quadruple their infrastructure holdings., Feb 2012.


Tyson Freeman. Shop Talk: a Conversation with Georg Inderst. i3 - Institutional Investing in Infrastructure. April 2011.

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