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Moder district energy networks - an overlooked institutional investment opportunity? Long-term Infrastructure Investors Association - Blog, May 2024.
Lessons and challenges in infrastructure investing – the longer-term view. LTIIA blog. July 2023
Innovation districts - an emerging asset class? LTIIA blog, May 2022.
Institutional investors: time to get involved in development and blended finance. World Bank Blogs. Published on "Getting Infrastructure Finance Right". 12 May 2021.
Asset owners' role in blended finance. 3 May 2021.

No development financing without private capital mobilization? (with François Bergère). Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association. April 2021.


Social infrastructure: How to restart private capital investment. Global Infrastructure Hub - Blog. Nov 2020.


Meeting the social infrastructure needs. top1000funds, 20 April 2020.


Will COVID-19 usher in a social infrastructure investment renaissance? IPE Real Assets News, 25 March 2020.

Big Debate: Are PPPs dead? Infrastructure Investor, Nov 2019. pdf
The imbalance between infrastructure demand and supply has become more pronounced in recent years. i3 - Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, Vol. 12, May 2019.


ESG in Fixed Income, Guest Viewpoint: Fiona Stewart & Georg Inderst. IPE, June 2018. pdf


Asian infrastructure: lifting private finance and institutional investment? APEC Currents. The Australian APEC Centre, RMIT University, Melbourne, March 2017 Edition.


More private capital for infrastructure investment in Asia? OECD Insights. Paris, 3 February 2017.


Asia's Infrastructure Cultures. China demonstrates what has been lost in the West. Reconnecting Asia, Big Questions. CSIS, 11 Jan 2017. Also published in Hillman, J.E. (Ed.), Is Asia Reconnecting? Essays on Asia's Infrastructure Contest. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Washington, October 2017.


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