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Some roundtables and discussions

Roundtable: Global Emerging Markets. portfolio institutional, May 2022.


Réunion G7 des Fonds des Pensions. Les Cahiers de Centre des Professions Financières. Jan 2020.


Roundtable: Investing in Property, Europe 2017. Clear Path Analysis. Dec 2017.


Roundtable: The options for building a long-term income. portfolio institutional, Dec 2016.


Innovative Financing Models for Energy Infrastructure in Africa. Milken Institute, Financial Innovations Lab Report, May 2015. pdf


Financing the Transition: Sustainable Infrastructure in Cities. Long Finance and WWF, March 2015. pdf


In it for the long haul. ASFA Global Investment Forum, Sydney. Superfunds Magazine, Issue 394, Sep 2014.


Roundtable: Emerging markets debt. portfolio institutional, July 2012.


Point of view: Debate on infrastructure investments. portfolio institutional, Feb 2012.


Private equity panel. IPE 360, Mar 2010.


Roundtable: Fundamental indices. Global Pensions, May 2007.


Derivatives Roundtable: Towards mainstream. IPE, Jan 2006.

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